Why is it so beneficial to use oils aromatically? Not only does using essential oils aromatically make your house smell great, but using essential oils by way of a diffuser can completely change the atmosphere of your home. Our sense of smell can be like a time machine. Certain scents can trigger special memories and take us back to important moments in our lives. If you are interested in learning how using oils aromatically can increase the health and wellness of your home, then read on to learn about seven surprising benefits to using essential oils aromatically.


  1. Relaxation –  Using essential oils in your favorite diffuser can help you to unwind at the end of a long day. Have you ever had such a challenging day that you just can’t seem to unwind? Sometimes unwinding can be difficult after a stressful day at the office or a rough day with the kids. One way to help ensure a calm restful night is by using a calming oil in your diffuser. Lavender or chamomile oils are great choices for relaxation.


  1. Sleep – Do you have trouble sleeping? Maybe you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Studies have shown that using essential oils aromatically can actually improve the quality of your sleep. Doctors agree that sleep quality is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Without quality sleep, the body isn’t able to fully rest and restore itself each morning. Do yourself a favor and use your favorite calming essential oil in a diffuser tonight to help your body reset and get the quality sleep your body has been craving.


  1. Enhanced mood – Using oils in a diffuser can elevate your mood and help you feel better when you are feeling down. Let your essential oils help you to reset your mood and brighten your day. *Pro tip – If you are planning a party, you can use eucalyptus, jasmine, or rosemary oils to help create a festive atmosphere.


  1. Germ fighters – Many essential oils have antibacterial properties. When cold and flu season comes around you’ll definitely want to have your favorite antimicrobial oils on hand to diffuse. Some of these include frankincense, oregano, and tea tree oils. You can use premade blends or even create your own germ-fighting blend of oils to help ward off illness in your home.


  1. Congestion relief – If it’s too late to battle the illnesses that are everywhere this time of year, you can use your diffuser to help you and your family breathe easier when a cold or congestion hits your household. My favorite essential oil to help relieve congestion is eucalyptus oil. Peppermint is also a  fantastic oil to use for sinus or chest congestion.


  1. Repel insects – Did you know that there are a number of essential oils that help keep the bugs away? Spring and summer can be times when bugs run rampant. Their only job seems to be to terrorize us! A great way to fight these pests is by using your diffuser. eucalyptus or cedar wood oil are both proven bug fighters. Apply a few drops of these to your diffuser and gain relief from those pesky insects.


  1. Safer than candles and incense – Even if you simply want to use essential oils because they smell great, know that they are a safer alternative to candles and incense. Many scented candles are made with harsh chemicals that are actually hazardous to breathe. The smoke from incense can increase your risk of respiratory problems. Using essential oils aromatically is a great alternative to these.


Using essential oils aromatically is a great way to begin your journey with essential oils. Try a few different oils in your diffuser to help you attain the benefits you are searching for. Soon you’ll be creating blends of your own and on your way to a healthier lifestyle.