Bring on the Abundance


This is a great oil recipe for attracting abundance into your life.  I made up a 5ml roller ball and I keep it in my change purse.  You can wear it as a perfume,  rub it directly onto your hands or my favorite is to rub it on the money in my wallet to ensure its return.  I always like to label my oils with positive things.  I labeled this one Abundance.  I also used a green colored glass bottle because green is also great for attracting abundance.



Bring on the Abundance Oil Recipe

1/4 Part Patchouli

1/4 Part Cedarwood

1/4 Part Vetiver

1/4 Part Ginger

Top off with Fractionated coconut oil



As with any of the recipes you see here on my website,  I use on doTERRA brand oils.  Essential oils are natures medicine and should be used as such.



This recipe is used with permission from Celeste Rayne Heldstab from her book – Llewellyn’s Complete Formulary of Magical Oils.



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December 31, 2017

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