How to use essential oils in your home during the holiday season


The holiday season is in full swing with everyone hustling and bustling to get ready for Christmas. This time of year is notoriously stressful and we often forget to step back and take a moment to enjoy the holidays. Your essential oils can help you slow down and bring joy to the holiday season. Our memories are connected to scents and by using essential oils holiday blends you can bring back memories of past Christmases and help your family retain these memories in the making. Here are some great ways to incorporate essential oils in your holiday rituals.



  • Create holiday blends in your diffuser. What are your favorite holiday scents? Essential oils like pine, peppermint, cinnamon, clove, and ginger can warm up your house and get you in the mood for the holidays. Using your favorite holiday essential oil blends in your diffuser can help you get in the spirit of the season. You can create your own blend with your favorite oils or buy a limited edition Holiday Joy Blend. So many people use artificial trees and miss out on the scent of a fresh tree, but you can capture that scent by using any of the fir oils. There’s nothing that says Christmas like the scent of a freshly trimmed Christmas tree.




  • Create your own scented Christmas ornaments. Have you ever thought of making your own essential oil Christmas ornaments? This is such a fun idea and a great way to incorporate essential oils in your Christmas preparations. Scenting your homemade clay ornaments with your favorite oils will liven up your tree and your household. Create several to exchange at your upcoming holiday parties, they also make a fantastic gift idea for teachers too.



  1. DIY gift ideas Do you need some last minute creative gift ideas? Are you excited to share your love of oils with all of your friends and family? Use your favorite oil blends to in any of these ideas to create unique gifts and show your love. These personalized gift ideas are a great way to share your favorite essential oils with all of your friends and family. You can use one or many of these ideas to create an individualized gift basket for teachers, coworkers, friends, and family!


Bars of soap – everyone loves homemade soaps, add your favorite essential oils to your next batch of homemade soap.

Bath bombs – these are easy to make and perfect for someone who loves relaxing in a long luxurious bath

Lip balms – these are great for healing the effects of the harsh winter weather

Body lotion – this time of year can be rough on skin so maintaining silky skin is fun with scented lotions

Body butter – everyone loves to indulge in scented body butter!

Scented Epsom salts – this is a great idea for someone that has a lot of stress or aches and pains


Although the holidays come with stress and worry, your essential oils can help you stay calm and truly enjoy the holiday spirit. Remember that each holiday is a memory in the making for your and your family. Use any or all of these ideas to brighten your holiday season and make this a more festive time of year for you and your loved ones.